Corporate Pharmacist


This role will have multiple functions and responsibilities. Primary task will be looking after regulatory compliance of the company with government agencies such as FDA and DOH. Ensures proper compliance by the company and its suppliers of all pertinent government regulations. The Pharmacist will be responsible for the renewal of licenses, product registrations and other documents (ie Business Permit, Mayors Permit, Sanitary Permit, etc.). The role will also act as primary educator of the operation in terms of disseminating important regulatory and product information to suppliers, customer, other employees, and government agencies.

The secondary role is to contribute to sales by providing support to the sales team. The Pharmacist will be responsible for controlling incoming shipments and outgoing deliveries.



  • Candidate must posses at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree, Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam), Pharmacy/Pharmacology or equivalent.
  • Must have valid DOH/FDA licensing seminar certificate
  • Experience in obtaining and maintaining FDA and DOH licenses and product registration.
  • Friendly and hospitable with strong desire to serve others
  • Efficient in multi-tasking
  • Able to deal with difficult people
  • Good oral and written communication skill in both English and Filipino
  • Willing to travel, computer literate with strong knowledge of MS Office
  • At least 2 years of working experience in the related field
  • Full-time position available

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